Most average sign companies will simply deliver you a nicely made sign. Our sales team at Conrad’s Big “C” Signs will go above and beyond the finished product, carrying your project fluidly through the appropriate stages for custom design, beginning with discovery and evaluation.

Discovery & Evaluation

Our discovery and evaluation process begins with an initial on-site meeting to discuss sign and installation needs. After carefully reviewing your signage requirements, we proceed by conducting a comprehensive site survey of your premises, taking photos and measurements of sign areas, checking local sign code restrictions to make sure the signage we propose will be permitted, and providing detailed drawings for your approval. Once we have a thorough understanding of the commission at hand, sign production can begin!


  1. Concept Drawing: the concept is designed for customer approval before construction begins.
  2. Concept Revisions: the original concept drawings sometimes call for modifications before earning approval.
  3. Cost Proposal: we submit projected sign production costs to the client to be approved.
  4. Permits: Conrad’s Big “C” Signs will complete the appropriate applications and submit them to local municipalities.
  5. Site Survey: after the initial site survey, an additional pre-production site survey will gather detailed information about the site location.
  6. Production Drawings: before sign production can begin, drawings are prepared and submitted to the sign shop.
  7. Sign Production: from the submitted drawings, your custom-made sign is handcrafted by the sign production experts at Conrad’s Big “C.”
  8. Sign Installation: upon completion, your custom-made sign is installed on-site by the Conrad’s installation team.
  9. Completion Photos: from conception, to completion and installation, our sign company finishes the sign production process by taking photos of the completed product.

Maintenance & Service

Do all signage producers offer maintenance and service with their custom products? Some sign companies do, and some sign companies don’t.  At Conrad’s, caring for your sign post-production is the final component of the comprehensive services we offer. With a fleet of crane trucks and experienced installers, we will take care of any service or repairs that are needed on our products.

We also realize the need for sign repair work caused by severe weather, accidents, or other events. Whether we installed it or not, we will service your sign and provide your insurance company with detailed and accurate information.

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Neon Sign Repair

Don't let your broken neon leave you in the dark; Conrad's is skilled, experienced, and ready to assist you with neon sign repair. Whether it's for your man-cave, your sports bar, or the storefront of your business, we can fix it! Don’t neglect a darkened room or window that could be glowing with shades of brightly lit colors.

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Neon sign repair