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Wall Drug Store: Internationally Famous Signs

December 30, 2013

Wall Drug Store, also known as Wall Drug, is a main tourist attraction in South Dakota and is internationally known.  Wall Drug Store is a shopping mall featuring a drug store, restaurants, gift shops, and other various shops all owned by Wall Drug Store.  The New York Times has said that Wall Drug is "a sprawling tourist attraction of international renown [that] takes in more than $10 million a year and draws some two million annual visitors to a remote town."  While this is quite an amazing accomplishment, the main reason why Wall Drug is internationally known is due to the famous signs they have produced to market Wall Drug.  Let’s first take a look at the unique history of Wall Drug Store and dive deeper into how they created some of the most famous signs in the world.

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Color Psychology: Effects on Marketing

November 27, 2013

The famous artist and painter Pablo Picasso once said, “Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No. Just as one can never learn how to paint.”  Color is everywhere in our daily lives, including in many signs and advertisements for different marketing campaigns.  Understanding color psychology can help you not only promote your brand better, but evoke emotions to your consumers and audience.  Color psychology is just one important aspect to think about when designing your Rapid City signs, billboards, or print advertisements.  Conrad’s Big “C” Signs, the leader in Rapid City signs, has the tools to help you design your company’s sign to have the most effect on your consumer.

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Famous Signs in America

November 26, 2013

The goal of any sign is simple: to get a message across to an audience.  For many organizations and businesses, that message is about their product and their service.  They are trying to create a lasting impression in their audiences’ minds and be the company their audience turns to when they are in need of their specific service.  Conrad’s Big “C” Signs, as the number one spot to make your Rapid City signs, aims to help you not only design, create, but maintain your organization’s sign so you can have one of the most effective Rapid City signs.  What are some of the most famous signs in marketing?  Let’s take a look at some of America’s most famous signs.

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Billboard Advertising: Billboard Design Tips

October 24, 2013

According to Arbitron National In-Car Study, commuters over the age of 18 years spend an average of 18.5 hours driving in their vehicles.  That is a large chunk of their time spent driving from one activity to another.  What better way to advertise your company or business than through billboard advertising?  It is hard to deny looking up at a billboard posted on the roadside when stopped at a traffic light or when sitting in a traffic jam.  But makes billboard advertising so successful?  There are several billboard design tips to keep in mind to make your billboard advertising as effective as possible.

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Electronic Displays | Rapid City Signs

October 18, 2013

Being the top provider for Rapid City signs, Conrad’s Big “C” Signs strives to work with customers to not only develop and design signs that push the envelope, but that use all resources available tailored to individual customers’ needs.  That is why we are the cream of the crop in electronic displays for Rapid City signs.  By implementing electronic displays for your company’s advertising campaign you will gain several benefits that previous signs could not provide due to lack of technology. Electronic displays or electronic billboards have several benefits that could help you stand out in your market place.

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Taking Care of Your Car Wraps

September 19, 2013

Advertising is quite the investment that can take your company or organization to new heights.  Having car wraps or vehicle graphics will enable you to advertise your business, even while you are on the move.  To be able to have your car wraps for the longest time you will need to follow simple car care tips to keep your car wraps in tip-top shape.  Below are some great car care tips to keep in mind when using car wraps to advertise your business.

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Neon Signs | Rapid City Signs

September 17, 2013

We have all seen them before while driving, dining at our favorite restaurant, or simply grabbing a hot cup of Joe in the morning: neon signs.  Neon signs have been used worldwide but were especially popular in the early 1900s in the United States.  While neon signs can still be found lighting up the day, many have become collectibles.  As the top place to get your Rapid City signs, we wanted to dive a little deeper into the history of neon signs and how exactly neon signs work.

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The Biology of Billboard Design

July 18, 2013

So what motivates humans?

Taken to its base-level, there are 7 human motivations: hope, love, respect, fear, desire, hunger/thirst, and pain/pain relief. These motivations, coupled with our biology and our environments, drive us toward everything from career selection to spouse selection to breakfast cereal selection. Most advertisements try to tie together at least 2 of these motivations. And it might not seem to be the case, but these same motivations are the basis for advertising…

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Outdoor Advertising and Human Biology

July 10, 2013

Outdoor advertising’s goal is simple: attract people to one product or service over another. To that end, we’ve all seen a wide variety of colorful signs, commercials, and other ads our entire lives. In fact, it’s very nearly impossible to exist on this planet without intaking numerous advertisements on any given day.

So, there’s a huge amount of info that we filter through every day. But why, exactly, is everything so colorful? It seems like a ridiculous question at first: well, obviously the eye is drawn to bright colors!

Ok, but why?

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A Guide to Vehicle Wrap Design

May 31, 2013

When you decide to advertise with vehicle wrap, your best bet is to turn to a professional sign design, fabrication, and installation company from the outset. When all is said and done, a positive experience in the whole process of designing a business sign is gained through collaboration with your professional designer. Conrad’s Big “C” Signs of South Dakota offers the following information and advice for a fluid vehicle wrap design and install experience.

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