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Billboard Advertising: Billboard Design Tips

October 24, 2013

According to Arbitron National In-Car Study, commuters over the age of 18 years spend an average of 18.5 hours driving in their vehicles.  That is a large chunk of their time spent driving from one activity to another.  What better way to advertise your company or business than through billboard advertising?  It is hard to deny looking up at a billboard posted on the roadside when stopped at a traffic light or when sitting in a traffic jam.  But makes billboard advertising so successful?  There are several billboard design tips to keep in mind to make your billboard advertising as effective as possible.

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Electronic Displays | Rapid City Signs

October 18, 2013

Being the top provider for Rapid City signs, Conrad’s Big “C” Signs strives to work with customers to not only develop and design signs that push the envelope, but that use all resources available tailored to individual customers’ needs.  That is why we are the cream of the crop in electronic displays for Rapid City signs.  By implementing electronic displays for your company’s advertising campaign you will gain several benefits that previous signs could not provide due to lack of technology. Electronic displays or electronic billboards have several benefits that could help you stand out in your market place.

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