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The Biology of Billboard Design

July 18, 2013

So what motivates humans?

Taken to its base-level, there are 7 human motivations: hope, love, respect, fear, desire, hunger/thirst, and pain/pain relief. These motivations, coupled with our biology and our environments, drive us toward everything from career selection to spouse selection to breakfast cereal selection. Most advertisements try to tie together at least 2 of these motivations. And it might not seem to be the case, but these same motivations are the basis for advertising…

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Outdoor Advertising and Human Biology

July 10, 2013

Outdoor advertising’s goal is simple: attract people to one product or service over another. To that end, we’ve all seen a wide variety of colorful signs, commercials, and other ads our entire lives. In fact, it’s very nearly impossible to exist on this planet without intaking numerous advertisements on any given day.

So, there’s a huge amount of info that we filter through every day. But why, exactly, is everything so colorful? It seems like a ridiculous question at first: well, obviously the eye is drawn to bright colors!

Ok, but why?

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