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October 18, 2013

Being the top provider for Rapid City signs, Conrad’s Big “C” Signs strives to work with customers to not only develop and design signs that push the envelope, but that use all resources available tailored to individual customers’ needs.  That is why we are the cream of the crop in electronic displays for Rapid City signs.  By implementing electronic displays for your company’s advertising campaign you will gain several benefits that previous signs could not provide due to lack of technology. Electronic displays or electronic billboards have several benefits that could help you stand out in your market place.

Electronic displays or electronic billboards are increasing in popularity due to their multiple benefits.  Just how do electronic displays work?  Electronic displays are created from a series of modules containing LED lights, electronics, and wiring.  Electronic displays are used as a means of advertising for promotional, informational, or persuasive use and can be used to display both graphics and text. 

One major benefit of advertising through electronic displays is that they are changeable.  Unlike print billboards, where actual people would have to be hired to change the content of your billboard, electronic billboards can be changed easily with the use of a computer.  You are not only committed to one image or one slogan, and can tailor your electronic displays to change multiple times throughout the day.  Electronic signs work great to showcase daily specials, weather, and up-to-date alerts such as Amber Alerts.


Electronic displays are also very eye-catching, even more so than just a regular print billboard.  According to BPS Outdoor Marketing, “Studies have shown that LED's are six times more effective than traditional billboards”.  The simple movement of the signs help grab people’s attention, not to mention the bright lights and colors that can be used from the LED lights.

Another reason for the success of electronic displays is that people do not get tired of them quickly, since they are constantly changing.   BPS Outdoor Marketing also concluded, “Research has shown that 94% of people passing mobile billboards can recall them while only 43% can recall non-moving billboards”.  Those numbers are quite staggering and illustrate the great effects that electronic displays have due to their eye-catching nature.

Electronic displays are a great way to advertise your company and keep your customer’s attention.  Electronic displays use technology and can be brightly colored no matter the time of day, show text, graphics, and can even be animated.  Electronic displays also can change messages multiple times throughout the day and be specific to specials or deals.  Altering what is shown on electronic displays is also much simpler than hiring a crew to “cover” or put up a new print billboard.  Studies have proven the effectiveness of electronic displays and they will only continue to grow in the advertising world, as a top way to advertise.

As technology increases, it is our job as the best in Rapid City signs to continue to develop ways for you to use advertising to your full advantage.  For more information on electronic displays and designing your next digital advertisement, contact Conrad’s Big “C” Signs at (605) 348-8744.


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