Taking Care of Your Car Wraps

September 19, 2013

Advertising is quite the investment that can take your company or organization to new heights.  Having car wraps or vehicle graphics will enable you to advertise your business, even while you are on the move.  To be able to have your car wraps for the longest time you will need to follow simple car care tips to keep your car wraps in tip-top shape.  Below are some great car care tips to keep in mind when using car wraps to advertise your business.

Car Care Tip #1

You should avoid all pressure washing when you are using car wraps for advertising.  Pressure washing runs the risk of lifting the edges of your car wraps and could potentially damage your car wraps.  In worst case scenarios the pressure washing can actually tear off the car wraps from your vehicle. 

Car Care Tip #2

While you can go through some car washes, you should not only avoid ones with excessive pressure washing but also ones that use one-on-one contact with brushes.  The brush-style car washes have the potential to raise the edges of your car wraps.  These style of car washes can also cause the car wraps to become dull over frequent uses since they are quite abrasive.

Car Care Tip #3

Hand washing your vehicle when you are using car wraps is the best way to not only clean your car but maintain the best appearance for your car wraps.  Using soft sponges, that are not abrasive, will ensure that you are not too rough on your car wraps or dull the vibrant colors.  If something contaminants your car wraps, such as bird droppings, dirt, or other types of grime, you should immediately treat your car wraps with warm soapy water and dry your car wraps off properly with a soft cloth.  By trying to scrape off dirt you could cause scratches to your car wraps. 

Car Care Tip #4

If your car wraps are present on your windows you should never use an ice scrapper on the car wraps because this could scratch the image or lift up the edges of the car wraps.  You should also avoid using the defroster setting on windows that have car wraps.  To remove car wraps heat is used, so this could cause the car wraps to peel off or have edges lift up.

By following these car care tips you are sure to keep your car wraps in their best shape, helping you be a moving billboard for your company.  Here at Conrad’s Big “C” Signs we know things happen though.  Car accidents, fender benders, or even vandalism can cause major problems to your car wraps.  If something like this were to happen to you feel free to contact Conrad’s Big “C” Signs for help, repair, and replacement of your car wraps.  We can help you get back out on the road advertising one street at a time, easily!

For more information on how to order your own car wraps, contact the best in Rapid City signs, Conrad’s Big “C” Signs.  Not only do we specialize in manufacturing and installation, but with our accredited staff we are experts in maintenance and repair for car wraps.  Contact Conrad’s Big “C” Signs at (605) 348-8744, or stop by our main location at 1740 East North Street, Rapid City, SD 57701.

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