Billboard Advertising: Billboard Design Tips

October 24, 2013

According to Arbitron National In-Car Study, commuters over the age of 18 years spend an average of 18.5 hours driving in their vehicles.  That is a large chunk of their time spent driving from one activity to another.  What better way to advertise your company or business than through billboard advertising?  It is hard to deny looking up at a billboard posted on the roadside when stopped at a traffic light or when sitting in a traffic jam.  But makes billboard advertising so successful?  There are several billboard design tips to keep in mind to make your billboard advertising as effective as possible.

One billboard design tip is to keep your billboard simple.  We have all heard the phrase, “keep it simple, stupid” and this could not be truer when designing your billboard advertising.  Billboards need to be clean and simple, to be able to showcase products and services quickly.  A great rule of thumb is to never go past 8 words on the billboard.  On average, most billboards are only read for 6 seconds so if you have a paragraph of text written on the billboard no one on the move will be able to read everything on the billboard.

Going along with the concept of not using a great deal of text on your billboard, you should also use your billboard advertising to show and not tell things to your audience.  Using images is not only a great billboard design tip but taking your billboard from a 2 dimensional design to a 3 dimension design, can attract positive attention.  Having your billboard advertising unique compared to other surrounding billboard advertising will help leave an impression on your audience.

Another great billboard design tip may seem simple, but often times it is forgotten.  Instead of trying to cram lots of words, contact numbers, email addresses onto your billboard use your space more efficiently by posing a “call of action” on the billboard.  By placing addresses or other extensive contact information on your billboard advertising you are making it harder for customers to read and most will not be able to recall your phone number or email or any other contact you try to advertise.  Instead use your billboard advertising to showcase your brand and make your audience remember you.

The last billboard design tip is to use font styles that your audience can read and read easily.  Font on the billboard needs to be large enough that people at a distance can read the billboard.  The font also does not need to be cursive or a very intricate style, which can be hard to read or recognize lettering while driving, walking by, etc. 

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