A Guide to Vehicle Wrap Design

May 31, 2013

When you decide to advertise with vehicle wrap, your best bet is to turn to a professional sign design, fabrication, and installation company from the outset. When all is said and done, a positive experience in the whole process of designing a business sign is gained through collaboration with your professional designer. Conrad’s Big “C” Signs of South Dakota offers the following information and advice for a fluid vehicle wrap design and install experience.


  • Vehicle Inspection. Taking measurements and making note of modifications will assist the professional in choosing or designing your vehicle wrap template. On your first appointment with Conrad’s, our team will take pictures and measurements of the automobile from all angles.
  • Measure twice—design once. Your professional designers will double check (or perhaps even triple check) measurements before they even begin to think about designing a business sign for your wheels. When you schedule an appointment for vehicle wrap measurement, allot plenty of time for double-measurement. While you’re considering time, be sure to communicate about your expected completion date.
  • Templates. A template will help the designer plan his/her layout and avoid making mistakes, like placing a telephone number over a door handle or across large curves. Your pro will create a template specific to your vehicle make and model before beginning the design process.
  • High-quality design programs. MS Paint won’t cut it. The Adobe Creative Suite is really where it’s at for designing a business sign of any kind. Why? The Creative Suite allows you to work with vector graphics that are easy to manipulate and have a much higher resolution – in other words, better programs equate to better vehicle wrap end products. Conrad’s Big “C” Signs of South Dakota uses the latest versions of Adobe’s top-notch software to create your vehicle wrap.
  • Less is more. When you utilize a vehicle wrap for your advertising, your message is “on the go,” oftentimes moving at high speeds (unless stopped at a stop sign). To gain maximum impressions and exposure with this medium, talk with your design pro about keeping the message clear and concise.
  • Design smartly. Important information, such as phone numbers and addresses, should be easy to find—prominent in the midst of an uncluttered design. Talk early on with your designer about your ideas for your vehicle wrap to start off the process of designing a business sign on the same page. He or she will offer plenty of design advice, such as avoiding placement of text—or any other important information—on curves and molding and watching out for seams and windows.
  • Communicate. A professional will begin the design project with these tips and tools already in his/her tool belt. However, the best way to move smoothly through the process of designing a business sign is to keep the lines of communication open. Make sure your hired designer is fully aware of your specifications prior to beginning, and keep an open mind when he/she comes to you with suggestions or recommendations for a better vehicle wrap design.

If you’re looking to hire a professional in the region surrounding Rapid City, SD and the Black Hills, Conrad’s Big “C” Signs of South Dakota can help! Our product offerings and services broaden beyond state lines, extending to clients of all shapes and sizes across North Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Contact Us today!

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