Exterior Styling with Window and Door Awnings

February 20, 2013

Awnings for storefront windows and doors will add elegance to the façade of your business and complement the exterior architecture of the building. With this simple, customized solution, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your flat-sided storefront while also drawing the attention of potential customers.

The door and window awnings designed by our Rapid City sign company are custom built to your specifications by our experienced staff of fabricators. When it comes to designing window and door awnings to perfectly match the idea you have for your business, there are many awning styles to choose from:

Traditional Awnings

Traditional awnings provide a simple, triangular covering over doors and windows. For a flat, vertical surface perfect for wording, consider a sign band featuring your company or business name and telephone number. It’s a quick and easy way to take your window and door awnings and turn them into an advertising impression.

Patio Traditional Awnings

These awnings utilize the same simple, three-point structure—however; their angles allow them to cover more surface area. As the name indicates, they’re perfect for the sidewalk patio of your coffee shop, lunch/deli stop, or curbside restaurant. Set tables and chairs beneath these awnings for customers to enjoy the fun of European-style dining.

Convex Awnings

Harvey’s Lock Shop is a good example of a convex awning that utilizes a sign band for more advertising space. The look is smooth and curved, as opposed to straight and angular. The extended bottom of the sign allows for the full name of the business to be displayed, along with blue and red colors and key graphics. As you can see here, door and window awnings are perfect for splashing some color on the side of a building.

Dome and Long-Dome Awnings

Dome door and window awnings take the shape and concept of the convex awning and add an even smoother dimension. Because these awnings have no corners or edges, the nature of the curved shape often calls for the extension of a sign band if the awning will be used for advertising. However, sign bands work best with the “long dome.”

Marquee Awnings

Marquee awnings work best as door awnings. They provide a covering for walkways leading up to an entrance at a 45-degree angle. Marquee awnings come in three different styles of their own: gable marquees are triangular with a peaked roof, radius marquees are curved at the top, while dome marquees are the most angular, much like dome awnings. All options can be accommodated to include a sign band.


For Serendipity Streets Boutique, our Rapid City sign company created a box awning to span the spread of windows and doors that compose their storefront. The illuminated raspberry coloration lends an eye-catching display, especially at night.

serendipity box awning


Valances are a nice detail that can be added to any of our above listed door or window awnings. They come in several cuts, including Wave, Greek Key, Straight, and V-Cut.

To see a visual representation of each of the window and door awnings described above, click here. Conrad’s Big “C” is a Rapid City sign company committed to helping you enhance your storefront or building with signage details for windows and doors.

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