Vehicle Wraps for Rapid City Signs on Wheels

February 13, 2013

Vehicle wrap advertising functions like a transportable billboard—an impression of your product or service that’s “on the go,” and not stuck in a single location. With a vehicle wrap, your advertisement can travel all over Rapid City and the Black Hills, instead of relying on the effectiveness of a single, high-traffic location. Sounds pretty good, right?

Now, all you need to know is how to turn your vehicle into a billboard and the type of wrap you’re looking for to deliver your message. While you’re at it, you might as well study up on methods for keeping up the new and clean look of your mobile advertisement amidst weather, wear, and tear…

Conrad’s Big C Signs in Rapid City.

As the finest producer of Rapid City and Black Hills signs, Conrad’s vehicle wraps are printed on the highest quality 3M film. This vinyl can flex and adhere to highly contoured surfaces, allowing for maximum coverage with minimal seams. The end result is an eye-catching, visually pleasing display that’s custom made to fit your vehicle.

Choosing the Right Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle graphics include full custom wraps, partial wraps, cut vinyl, and perforated window film. Conrad’s Big “C” uses only high-performance, machine cut, and expertly applied 3M vinyl for the application of Black Hills signs.

Partial vehicle wrap graphics use the same materials and techniques as full wraps while allowing the surface of your vehicle to act as a backdrop for your design. Partial wraps can help you cut down on your vehicle wrap cost while preserving an eye-catching design. Cut vinyl graphics can be used to create door lettering, window lettering, or custom design of mobile Rapid City signs. Our window film is a printable, perforated vinyl that allows drivers to safely see traffic while not limiting the possibilities of your advertisement.

Maintaining Your Vehicle Wrap

Caring for your vehicle wrap is very important. To keep your investment in high-quality Rapid City signs looking great, you will need to follow a few basic rules:

1) Keep your vehicle clean. Hand-washing your vehicle with a sponge and mild, soapy water is ideal; however, a high-pressure sprayer can be used from a distance with tepid or cold water. Never put the nozzle directly on your vehicle wrap or against a seam. The vinyl can rip or tear. Also, never take your vehicle through an automatic car wash with bristles.

2) Hand-wax your vehicle. Do not use a buffer. Waxing your vehicle at least once every 3 months helps to keep mobile Black Hills signs protected from the elements. The wax that Big “C” recommends is “Turtle Wax Ice.” If you have a professional detailer wax your vehicle wrap, make sure the wax they use is safe for vinyl.

3) Avoid parking under trees for long periods of time. Sap from certain trees can damage your mobile Rapid City sign investment and ruin your vehicle wrap.

4) Window perf should be waxed as well. This will help protect the laminate and longevity of the vinyl. Never use a damaging, high-pressure sprayer on the window perf.

Following these simple rules of care for maintaining a vehicle wrap will ensure the longevity of your transportable Rapid City signs. Printable Vehicle Wrap Maintenance PDF.

About Conrad’s Big “C” Signs

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