Routed & Sandblasted Dimensional Signs with Style

February 13, 2013

As you begin contemplating your next sign investment and shopping for Black Hills signs producer, you’d like to know that your money will deliver something that’s personalized and unique. Whether you’re opening a brand new business or rebranding and revamping your current establishment, it’s important to get the look and feel just right.

Routed signs and sandblasted dimensional signs lend a custom, hand-carved appearance that can achieve that clean, rustic look you’re going for! How and when does a routed or sandblasted sign front apply? Consider these wood-formed examples from Conrad’s Big “C” Signs:

Sandblasted Dimensional Signs

Sandblasted Dimensional Signs

For the Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming Complex in downtown Deadwood, SD, the wood-carved look of these sandblasted dimensional signs work to draw patrons into an “old western” mood reminiscent of Deadwood’s original outlaw days. For the Silverado, the rustic appeal was the perfect aesthetic to compliment their hotel and gaming facility.

Routed Signs

Routed Signs

The same can be said for the routed signs that adorn the façade of Deadwood’s Days of 76 Museum, a Black Hills attraction that pays homage to….well, the days of ’76! The sign that you choose to portray your good or service tells a story with words, but it also describes, through carefully crafted design, a certain sort of experience that can be expected from within. For the Days of 76 Museum, your exhibition of western South Dakota’s more rustic days begins before you enter the building to view the in-house exhibits.

When you embark on the process of designing a new store or business front sign, you want to send an accurate message to potential patrons about what they can expect from your establishment. Would you put the name of your professional law firm in childish Crayola script on the side of your building? Of course not! Even though the wording says who you are, the style of your sign is sending the wrong impression.

In that case, routed and sandblasted dimensional signs create an impression that is hand-crafted and rustic in a contemporary fashion. The look can range anywhere from country, wholesome, and old western, to wood-carving that’s fashionable and expensive.

Black Hills Signs

At Conrad’s Big “C” Signs, we offer a wide variety of sign shapes, sizes, font styles, and art icons for our routed and sandblasted dimensional signs and plaques. With so many choices, your 3D sign is completely customized to deliver a look and feel associated with your product or business.

Letters and art can be raised and/or engraved, with smooth backgrounds, sandstone texture, or simulated wood grain. If you choose an engraved look, our specialized machinery will carve your letters and images into the raw material with a metal routing bit. If a raised letter sign is the effect your hoping for, we place a mask on the raw material, then blast the exposed wood product away, leaving behind a carefully crafted message. Hand painting applied to the routed or sandblasted product lends more dimension and detail to the finished product.

Every routed or sandblasted sign that we create is truly unique. From computerized cuts to "old fashioned hand painting and gilding," our Black Hills signs are always eye-catchers.

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