Getting the Most Out Of Your Electronic LED Signs

May 23, 2013

In a previous blog, we discussed the advantages of using electronic LED signs and displays in advertising. If you’re currently considering ditching the outdated plastic letter device on your storefront and switching it for something more…current, then we invite you to start with our previous blog, and bookmark this one for later reference.

>>Electronic LED Signs & Displays for Dynamic Advertising.

If you’ve already made that leap into 21st century advertising…congratulations! Conrad’s Big “C” Signs of the Black Hills is here to provide a few quick and easy pointers for optimizing your LED message display. After all, the whole point of the LED message display is to get as much information across to your audience in the shortest amount of time possible—for example, the time it takes for a vehicle to cruise by your advertisement, or the attention span of the average driver paused at a stoplight. There are tips and tricks for making sure that your message is received, and we’re happy to share them with you.

  • Define your goal. Figure out ahead of time what it is exactly you are trying to accomplish. Do you want people to come in to your store or business? Do you want them to contact you by phone or visit your website? Are you advertising a special promotion or product, or are you merely trying to create an image for yourself amongst the public? Clearly determine your goal(s), and then make sure your message always pertains to said goal(s).
  • Pick the right character size for lettering. Use this “Rule of 10x” to determine how big the lettering in your LED message display should be. If you take the number of vertical inches in the height of the letter and times it by 10, you’ll have the maximum number of horizontal feet, on the ground, for readability. For example, a letter that is 3” high retains readability at a maximum of 30 feet. If your electronic LED sign sits 60 feet from the nearest stoplight, make sure your letters are at least 6” high.
  • Position your sign appropriately. Be sure to test the tilt and positioning of your LED message display to make sure that it can easily be seen and read from your reader’s location.
  • Keep your message short and simple. An LED display message is at its best when the point of the singular message can be gathered with a single glance. Show prices to bring in customers, exhibit pictures of products, announce specials, publicize events, display news and updates, or update patrons on the current temperature and time (people are always checking electronic LED signs for this). Don’t do these all at once—it’s just too much. That leads us to our next tip for effective electronic LED signs
  • Change your LED message display often. The more you change your message, the more frequent passersby will watch for your message. If it’s always the same, they’ll quickly learn to ignore it. Changing your message often allows for more goals, defined at the start, to be delivered in a single day.
  • Keep it casual. Using electronic LED signs is like using Twitter. You have to say it all in relatively few characters. Therefore, keep it short and to the point, making sure that every valuable character used is somehow contributing to the advertising goal.

At Conrad’s Big “C” Signs of the Black Hills, we specialize in the production, installation, and maintenance of your electronic display. Once the LED message display is up and running, the success of your advertising efforts is up to you! Make sure your Black Hills signs aren’t missing the mark—optimize your message for the viewer and reap the benefits of this awesome advertising medium.


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