Electronic LED Signs & Displays for Dynamic Advertising

February 13, 2013

In many cases, one-time production of business-related signage that displays a static message for your storefront is not enough. Because many of your existing and potential customers pass by your place of business every day, a dynamic message will continue to capture interest, day in and day out, sending time-sensitive information to recurrent customers.

Electronic LED signs are flat panel displays that use light-emitting diodes to create movement, color, and light. An LED panel is a smaller display or a component of a larger display. Both are characteristically employed outdoors for store signs and billboards. Both are found employed in Rapid City and Black Hills signs throughout the region.

What’s the appeal of Electronic LED signs?

These digital displays are perfect for store or business fronts that require a component of their monument or architectural signage that can be quickly and frequently changed. For example, we all know how rapidly gas prices can raise and fall, sometimes on multiple occasions throughout a single day. Conrad’s Big “C” Signs of Rapid City created the following electronic display that allows for instantaneous updates to be made to the prices listed. It also allows for specials, sales, promotions, and seasonal messages in the bottom panel.

Electronic Displays

Electronic LED signs and displays can be full-color or monochrome. For example, the digital signs for Black Hills Federal Credit Union and Western Mailers in Rapid City feature a full-color option that provides an opportunity for animated messages. The color and movement catches the attention of traffic and draws eyes to useful information emitted from diodes. In many cases, people rely on signs such as these for updated dates, times, and temperatures as they make their commute back and forth between the days appointments.

Electronic Displays


Electronic Displays

Most businesses, companies, storefronts, etc. run temporary or seasonal sales and promotions that call for public advertisement. Some might opt to create and place radio spots or purchase billboard realty as each sale dictates—but if your promotions and events change frequently, this can get expensive. For advertisement that requires frequent change throughout the year, electronic LED signs are a smart and economical option for your business’s signage.

Electronic Displays

Electronic Displays

How many times have you seen someone standing on a ladder in a South Dakota snowstorm to change their restaurant’s “soup of the day” on the outdoor sign? Have you ever spotted a storefront message convoluted when the wind takes off with a letter or two in tow? Electronic LED signs offer modern solutions that meet a common requirement—to quickly and efficiently make updates to legible outdoor signage, and get the word out about time-sensitive sales, promotions, event, etc.

Electronic LED signs can be configured in a wide variety of sizes and resolutions based on the unique needs of each individual Conrad’s Big “C” Signs client. At the end of the day, these signs provide the perfect opportunity for churches, schools, and businesses to reach their clients with changeable messages and graphics. When the sales and event schedule of your business is dynamic, you’re sign should follow suit!

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