Building Sign Letters

April 5, 2013

There’s much to consider in running a successful company, firm, business, etc. Amongst other operational concerns, owners and executives find themselves dealing with marketing and advertising specifics, especially the task of creating custom-made outdoor signs for storefronts. Specially designed signage indicates exactly what type of business is located within and helps direct clients/customers to your front door. How will anyone find you unless you’ve clearly marked your space? Building sign letters are one way to accomplish this task by simply spelling it out…

The creation of building sign letters begins with a round of choices. Initially, you must decide between illuminated and non-illuminated signage. This comes down to a number of factors; however, primarily one should consider their business’s normal hours of operation. If you’re creating building letters for a law firm that closes at 4 PM every day, then “Johnson, Johnson, Smith, & Johnson, LLP” won’t benefit much from an illuminated display. If you’re running a popular bar and grill on Main Street, then you’ll want to advertise your location well into the darkest hours of night with illuminated building sign letters.

Illuminated Building Sign Letters

At Conrad’s Big “C” Signs of Rapid City, our sign production service offers building letter products that can be illuminated for nighttime display. Consider the following creation finished for the Fresh Berry Frozen Yogurt Café Sign at Rapid City’s Rushmore Crossing:

Fresh Berry

Even in the dark, travelers along I-90 can see where the local self-serve yogurt shop is located off of Exit 60 into Rapid City. Custom neon and LED Channel letters are made-to-order by Conrad’s Big “C” Signs of Rapid City. With illuminated building sign letters, you can provide your business with a professional look that will last for years with very little maintenance.

Non-Illuminated Building Sign Letters

With non-illuminated building sign letters, there are even more choices to consider. What will your medium be? Metal, plastic, wood, or foam? If you choose metal or plastic, Conrad’s Big “C” Signs of Rapid City uses high-quality Gemini letters for your custom-made outdoor signs. Best of all, Gemini products are guaranteed for life!

Finally, letters for custom-made outdoor signs can be routed from wood or sign-grade foam for a three-dimensional effect. To price out each of these non-illuminated options, Contact Us today at Conrad’s Big “C” Signs of Rapid City. We specialize in custom-made indoor and outdoor signs, focusing on bringing your storefront to life!

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