Architectural Signs

February 19, 2013

Are you looking for a way to make a big statement? Would you like your advertising to have a monumental effect on potential customers and patrons? Conrad’s Big “C” Signs invites you to consider the potential of architectural signs for Rapid City, Black Hills, South Dakota, and surrounding area advertising needs.

Our sign production experts will need to know about the placement of the finished creation. Our architectural signs can be mounted on an existing structure or new building, or they can be installed in the ground as a monument or pylon sign.

Oftentimes, architectural signs are wall-mounted. The building signs can be designed as projecting signs, roof-mounted signs, or wall-mounted signs, depending on local sign codes. The locations you choose for your building signs all come down to where the majority of foot and motor traffic lies.  Find the point on your building that will be seen by the most eyes and this is where you’ll want to locate your building sign.

Take, for example, this Deadwood Frontier Club projecting pedestrian sign that’s placed above the sidewalk in downtown Deadwood, just above the sightline of pedestrian traffic strolling the historic town’s major thoroughfare. In the sign business, this display is called a flag mount.

Deadwood Frontier Club

Pylon and monument signs are typically found alongside roads, freeways, and highways, similar to the purpose a small billboard serves. A post and panel sign is a bit smaller, usually intended for the grassy area at a business’s storefront. These are planned more for low-speed roadways and foot traffic.

For the following Black Hills Federal Credit Union signs, we created a double pole pylon display that put BHFCU’s brand at a birds-eye view.

Black Hills FCU Signs

Building sign structures are available in illuminated or non-illuminated specifications to meet your needs. Lighting is an important thing to consider for most signage, indoor and outdoor. Illumination is especially essential for outdoor Black Hills signs; because it ensures that your message can be seen and understood day and night, in all kinds of weather. That’s 24-hours a day, all-season advertising for your business! The most important thing about a properly lit sign is that its illuminating effect is bright enough to compete with other signs in the area without being annoying and excessive.

Wild Idea Tattoo & Piercing is an excellent example of wall-mounted, illuminated building signs. Drive by at night, and you’ll see exactly what we mean by “illuminating effect!”

Rapid City Illuminated Signs

At Conrad’s Big “C” Signs in Rapid City, SD, we build a variety of structures that have their own unique qualities, giving you a sign that sets you apart from the ordinary. Mark your office space with building signs, or send a colossal message with pylon or monument sign!

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